Watching her boss fuck her silly

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Watching her boss fuck her silly

If there was one thing my wife, Jill, liked it was a good fucking. She was a wonderful shag as well. However our sex life was pretty ordinary and not always happening. Once I was going there was no stopping my rampant cock from performing. Unfortunately my business life was pretty stressful and my cock did not always co-operate. Jill was slim, very attractive, with /tits/small-tits/">small tits but an arse to salivate over. She was size 8 and in great shape, even after 2 kids. Guys were always looking at her with their licking lips giving the thought away.

We had been married for 18 years and started to talk about juicing up our sex life. Sex was always good but needed to be stirred a bit. I thought about and suggested wife swapping. Jill, my wife was hesitant at first although keen to enliven our sex together. We had just moved to live outside Plymouth. I had been appointed to a prestigious job in Plymouth. Jill quickly found a job as secretary to a director of a shop fitting company. Eric, who was 18 years older, had the gift of the gab good at the grab as well. Our spicy sex began from here.

Having spoken about swapping, Jill said she would do it with Eric and his wife Mary. But she was not keen to meet others that were unknown. Neither of us had any experience in this so we needed a trial. I was going to be away for a couple of days on business, so Jill engineered a night of suck and fuck with Eric to see how it went. When I got home, a day later, she was excited about it. I had not enjoyed the situation, probably because I did not have a sex partner to fuck. But I did want to know what went on. The thought that Jill had been sucking another guy and fucking him as well really turned me on.

A couple of weeks later we invited Eric and Mary to dinner and then it did start. After dinner, Jill took the lead. Talk and challenges were quickly taken up. In no time Jill had her tits out without any top on, and Mary was down to /underwear/">underwear. With them both doing the splits on the floor it was necessary for Eric and me to check that their fanny was on the floor. As it got spicier we were soon snogging both of them. Their hands were anxious for our cocks and it was not long before the first signs of shagging began..

In no time I was fucking Jill and Eric was giving Mary a good active seeing too. In fact Jill told Mary not to wear him out because she wanted to try him, so we swapped over. It is fair to say a night of good fucking was had by all. For me, as Mary was 10 years older it was a new experience using an older cunt. But she kept it in good shape. Slowly entering her pussy and then shafting her she quickly got the rhythm. She was tight and able to squeeze my cock in rhythm of my thrusting. She was wet and hot. At the same time I was getting my tongue down her throat and then having her tongue down mine. She was also small titted but they were beautiful to suck and her nipples were very sensitive.

I looked over to Jill and Eric. He was in her cunt upto the hilt and really giving it to her. She was writhing about making the most of what she was getting. This was her second shag of the night and she wanted as much cock as she could get. Clearly their mouths were doing the business also. And her tits were being attended to. Her nipples, which were really standing proud showed how aroused she was.

Seeing her being shagged silly by another guy really turned me on. Mary had to take some extra punishment from my cock, but she just wanted more and more.

A few days later, Eric was going away and it was arranged that we would have a threesome, without Mary?s knowledge. Jill had dressed in a see through tie blouse and a skirt that could be easily removed by either Eric or me. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Through the voile you could clearly see her tits and her nipples were already at attention. On the settee, Jill sat between us and we started to kiss and grope her, and she returned the compliments. When I took my tongue from deep in her throat, she whispered into my ear ?was it all Ok??. I looked up to see that her top was undone and her tits were out and in full play. Eric had his mouth firmly manipulating her nipples, whilst his hand was up her thighs to her cunt. This was great and my cock grew and grew with lust. She was playing with my cock through my trousers and I thought I was going to cum.

Jill then said that she was not going to be alone in stripping, so we all took all our gear off. We gathered on the rug on the floor. It was fantastic to see Eric stripping my wife?s knickers off and the way in which she encouraged him. Immediately Eric had his tongue giving her mouth a good seeing too. So I started to fuck her. Slowly I entered her 40 year old pussy and felt her begin to enjoy it all. She then took Eric?s cock into her mouth. This was new for me, seeing my wife suck another man?s cock. And at such close range. She had made us agree not to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. Whilst I was shagging her she was sucking Eric, taking his whole cock into her mouth and then slowly dragging her lips up the shaft.

We then swapped and Eric entered her soaking /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. Grinding and thrusting his cock white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie into her up to the hilt with ever increasing power. Jill was loving it and really encouraging ever more activity into her pussy, and on her tits. The pleasure in seeing her take his cock into her hungry cunt kept me hard for hours. And we kept going for hours.

We did have a short break, but the urge got the better of us all. Over coffee we thought we had each fucked her about 3 -4 times. 8 fucks in 90 minutes was great. No complaints from Jill about a sore cunt. The urge took us into action again. Both mouth and cunt in operation. Now we could fire our cum into her. Sloppy seconds was just magic.

Well that was the start to many nights of fucking and sucking as a threesome and /foursome/">foursome. More stories to cum.