The girl next door 1

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The girl next door 1

It was a really good time last Friday night. June and Jim had been a pleasant when we welcomed them in for what was supposed to be a get acquainted meeting. You know the drill, meet first, if compatible, etc. But they were much better than their pictures in their ad, and I guess they thought the same as us, because within half an hour Jim remarked that it was too we had agreed to a meeting only. Kate quickly countered that no one except us had witnessed that, and within seconds clothes were flying and the romp was on. Like I said, a really fun time. But this is about what happened the following Tuesday.

It was a pleasant sort of evening, and I was mowing the lawn with my old push mower, having a good sweat and generally feeling green. A football landed in front of me, followed be Cissie from next door. Cissie wasn't really the jock type, which was why she had to chase down the pass. In fact, she was a skinny little teenager with a ring in her nose and another through her left eyebrow. Her brother, who had thrown the bomb, was very much a jock, with rumours going around about the possibility of a scholarship next year. Hard to believe they had the same genes.

Cissie and Dave were the only kids of a retired military man, already in his fifties like his wife. They had married late and had kids in their early forties, not uncommon these days, I guess. But the house was run like an army camp, with Dave being the model kid. Cissie, with her piercing, was the rebel, although I never heard of any parental bitterness. In time I guess they thought she would come around. It was hard to see that now as I picked up her ball for her and faked a hand-off.

"That was quite a party you had Friday," she said cheekily, "Did you know you left some windows open?" She stood grinning at me, waiting for whatever reaction I could come up with.. Damn! Everything had happened so quickly and unexpectedly, the usual precautions had slipped by, but we had hoped we had got away with it. But Kate tends to be a bit noisy when she's having a really good time. Now this twerp was telling me she knew about our escapade. Still, its not like she had gone to the press with it.
"We had an audience?" I grinned right back, "That was careless of us, wasn't it? At least xnxxv sunny leone video we pulled the drapes."
Cissie smirked, "Not all the way. I got a bit nosey and had a peek. You guys were really into it."

I looked thoughtfully at her little face with her tongue just between grinning teeth. "You were that close and you didn't join us? You could have made it a real party. You would have had a great time. Aren't you sorry you missed out?" I watched her absorb my counter thrust, the grin not wavering. "Why didn't you come in? I'm sure it wasn't locked."
She leaned a bit closer, "I just might have, you know, but Dave was watching, and he's so square, and it would have been hell to pay."

I made my best stricken face, "I came that close to fucking you? What do I have to do to get the moment back?" Then Dave had wandered too close, probably wondering what his little sister could have to say to the pervert next door. I waved at him and turned back to my mowing. I wasn't all that sure about being able to talk my way around him. But as he turned away juggling the ball, Cissie caught my eye and opened her shirt to flash her little tits at me. Then she was gone, and I was left to sift through all that had happened so quickly. Was she even old enough to be legal? Would she even be worth it?
So I finished my chore and went indoors to tell Kate about what had happened.

"Ooooh, poop!" was all she could say, but it was with a grin. "Oops, well, at least she didn't call the vice squad. It could have been worse."
With that I went to shower and shave, taking lots of time to imagine all the bad things that could have happened with this bit of carelessness. A few good things crossed my mind too, which is why when I sauntered back to the TV room I was naked with a pretty , ready to see what state of mind Kate might be in. Never found out, because before she could even notice my condition there was a tap on the sliding door, then it slid open and Cissie stepped in. She stopped cold when she saw me, as I had done also. Her eyes went wide, then the smirk returned.

"Wow!, I just thought it might be fun to talk dirty some more, but you play for keeps, don't you? Is that for me? Oh, look, it's still growing." She looked nervously up at me, then shot a quick glance at Kate. "You said you wanted a second chance, and I really did come close to opening the door then , you know." An awkward pause as both Kate and I tried to catch up with events, "Why don't you tell me to get naked too? Were you just playing?" A bit of panic in her voice.
I held her narrow shoulders gently, "Just tell me one thing, Cissie. Are you legal? Are you old enough for this?"
Cissie looked indignant, "Sure I'm old enough. I'm no virgin. Dave probably is, but I'm sure not. And I'm eighteen, so there!"

"Then hold on to Vic's cock while I undress you, " Kate's calm voice belied the excitement I knew she was feeling. "You saw how June got fucked. Is that how you want it? Do you want Vic to do everything he did to June? " Cissie's last shred of covering was pulled to the floor, and her thighs squirmed together as she held tightly to the boner that was pointing at her. She swallowed and nodded mutely.

The kid maybe wasn't a virgin, but she had never been fucked the way I fuck before. For sure she had never been kissed on the pussy, didn't even know they did that outside the porn sites. Anyway, she blew up under my tongue, and made Kate seem quiet by comparison. I think she came three times between my tongue and fingers before I thought it was time to feel her pussy on my cock.. But then she showed me she had been around, as she took me in her mouth and started giving pretty good head. Seems like her guys needed some education. And she looked kind of , my cock half in her mouth, looking up at me for approval. She could have been a starving street waif begging for more to eat, except for the gold piercing.

And for a skinny little thing, she had good muscles and not bad shape. Rather fetching, really, the way the cords in the her inner thighs pointed right to her pussy as she spread wide for me. As if I didn't know the way. Then I slid in slowly, letting her feel each inch. Me too, for that matter. She had good muscle tone there too. I don't think the girl had ever been fucked outside the back seat of a car, though, and that only a wham, bang, thank your ma"am. She came again quickly when Kate nibbled on her breast and tickled the other one, and continued wildly when Kate filled her mouth with her tongue. That was new, that's for sure. Another thing new was a guy who didn't just quickly blow his rocks and call it a day. That day she got fucked for real for the , and when I finally blew up inside her, she was almost delirious. I was pretty wild myself. As experienced as I was, it is still very flattering to know you"ve just given a girl she ever had.

Cissie was limp as I finally pulled my semi-on out, and I gave a questioning glance to Kate. She could only shrug, and motioned me to carry the comatose nymph down to our bedroom to sleep it off. She couldn't have been more than a hundred pounds, and I felt a bit like a child molester for that, but I knew at the same time she was no child, if only she told me so herself. I was still high with the feeling of her pussy on my dong as she flew into her , really full of myself and my manhood. And then the story suddenly got a lot juicier.
I was in the shower, dreaming about a rematch, when I heard Kate come into the bedroom talking to someone else. Cissie I could see still passed out, so not her. I kept the water running and listened.
"Here is you little sister, Dave. Doesn't she look angelic? She's very happy about something." Kate's tome was confident and loving.
After a short silence, Dave's unsteady voice asked, "What happened to her? Is she all right?"

Cissie stirred at his voice, and smiled dreamily up to him. "Oh, Davey, I got fucked. I mean fucked like I dreamed I wanted to get fucked. I never really even dreamed it could be that big, that high." She rolled to her back, proud of her nakedness, and reached an arm to where she thought I might be. "Where's Vic? I want him to show you what we did."

Dead silence from Dave, and I got a bit nervous about this kid. I mean, I knew he was square, but he was also very big and athletic. I hoped he wouldn't go off the deep end. Should have had more faith in my Kate. "Why not do to me what Vic did to Cissie, Dave? She can show you, and I bet you"re a real stud. Show me what you got." She held his eyes as she led his nerveless hands to her breasts and held them there as I slid onto the bed beside Cissie and gathered her willing form in my arms. His eyes went wide as his sister took my hand off her tummy and tucked it between her thighs.
"You"re really OK, sis? You"re here because you want to be?"
"Don't I look like I want to be here? Now fuck Kate, Dave. Look at how gorgeous she is and how naked, and tell me she doesn't make you want to fuck. I can see you getting a boner. Use it, bro. Make me proud of you." She twisted so Dave could see her hand stroking my cock back to life, and he didn't resist as Kate quickly wrestled his tee over his head and while he pulled loose from the sleeves she groped down his elastic waistband and found his cock. And a beauty is was, when he pulled his shorts down. No bigger than me, but an easy match, and I like to think that there isn't many men who can say that..

"I don't know what to do. I"ve never done this," the kid whispered to Kate, "And I don't have a condom. Shouldn't I have a condom?"
Kate pressed her tits to his chest, "Get condoms for the rest of the girls, sweets, let me handle this one. Lay down with me and just let me lead you. "
"Oooh, Dave, You"re going to like this so much! You"ve never done anything funner than this." Cissie let me pull her closer to the edge to give the new combatants room. I could see Kate about to coach Dave into some finer point of lovemaking, then make an executive decision not to. She lay beside us and reached up to her young student.

"Just come on top of me , Dave. See how it feels to be between a girl's legs. I know you"ve thought how it might be. Come and find out. I want you , Dave. I want you to feel the inside of my pussy with your big boner and drive me wild. That's the way, see how good I feel? You feel good too. Let me have all your weight. Ah, this is going to be so good! Now let me point it right. Do you feel how slippery I am , Dave? That's because I want to fuck you and make it easy for you to slide in. Wow!, you"re big ! Drive it in slow, so you don't hurt me. It feels so good. Don't you think it feels good, Dave? This first time I just want you to cum in me. Don't hold back just pump exactly like you"re doing until you explode. I want you to explode and fill me up. Can you do that, lover? Oh, yes you can, I can feel you building. , harder, don't stop don't stop don't stop oh yes yesyesyesIcummingtoo!!I can feel you, I can feel you!!

Eventually the bed was still, just an odd quiet whisper as Kate reassured a suddenly abashed Dave. "I did it right?" Dave murmured, "I didn't hurt you or anything? You liked it?"
"You"re a stud, lover, and I loved it. Next time it will be even better. I have so much to show you. Look at what Cissie's doing."

Cissie by now was sucking my cock, and letting me work her bum around so her knees could straddle my face and I could bury my face in her pussy, still dripping with my own cum. There was no sign of tiredness now from the little vixen as she worked on me and squirmed from my attentions. Dave watched us wide-eyed as Kate slipped away to the can. If she was going to teach Dave to do that, might as well start dry and clean. I could feel his attention to what my tongue was doing and tried to give him an instructive show without lowering the quality of the service. Must have worked, by her reaction, as quickly she got too excited to trust my cock between her sharp teeth, and could only stroke him madly. Too madly. Even a little girl's hand is brutal next to a built for the job. When I stopped her in self defence, Cissie quickly real forced anal against her will changed ends and brought her mound to the mountain, taking me in with a single plunge to the depths.

Kate was back by this time, and quietly let her lay him back to mount him as well. I could see Dave was still fascinated with my cock in his sister, even as he entered the second fuck of his life. Kate too noticed this and we exchanged amused grins.
"How is it that you never had sex with this hot tomale under the same roof, Davey?" I teased. "Look at her. Didn't you ever think of fucking her? Especially when you knew she was probably fucking other guys?"
"And when Vic says it's a prime pussy, you know he's an expert," Kate kept the dig in as she massaged him with her own cunt. "Why don't we girls change places? I bet Cissie would love the feel you in her. Wouldn't you, Cissie?"

I could feel an involuntary twitch convulse around my boner, "Oooh, David, should I? Would you like me to? I will, you know."
Dave had a good grip on Kate's thighs. She wasn't going anywhere. "You"re my sister, Sis. I can't screw you. Nobody screws their sister." Dave's voice was desperate
"I did." I said, as nonchalantly as I could, "My first 20 or so fucks were with my sister, when I was sixteen and she was fourteen. Then when she was sixteen she got a boyfriend and I had my next three with our little sister who was going on fifteen. Then I got a girlfriend and we went to college, so that ended that." Not that explosive, really, since Kate knew I didn't have a sister, but it was a good story for the spur of the moment. Dave was silent, but he was looking at me with his mouth open, then gaping up at his sister still grooving on my cock. I felt the iron was hot for striking. I give Cissie a boost under her bum, and on cue Kate lifted off Dave.

Cissie was on him in a blink, and Kate took time to guide his very wet cock to its mark, and even as Dave breathed, "Cissie, are you sure?" she was sliding him home, and like it or not , he was fucking his little sister. His eyes were glazed as she rocked wildly on his boner, numbly allowing her to place his hands on her little girl breasts. Now was not the time for him to spook.
"Tell us more about you fucking your sisters, Victor," Kate's voice was mocking, but I had to pick up the slack and she knew it.

"Oh, it was great!. The first time we were just playing around, the three of us, and I started grabbing an odd feel from both of them. Of course, Denise had not much to feel, but Jen sure did. By and by Denise just up and said, "I bet you guys would fuck if you were alone, so go ahead. And she left, but we knew she had a place to peak from. So we kept playing around, and when I finally asked Jen if she wanted to she just said, "I don't know, do you?". So I pulled her pants down and tickled her pussy and before you know it we were naked and I was trying to poke it in her. Then she helped me and I'm afraid I made her hurt a bit and there was a bit of blood, not really much fun. But she knew from her friends that the first time was rough, so she didn't get upset. We didn't do it again for over a month because we didn't get alone that much.

That's why it was only twenty or so in two years, but the next time it was good fun and we never missed a chance after that. Denise never chased me because she had this idea that I belonged to Jen, but as soon as Jen got a boyfriend and let us know they were fucking, she jumped right on me. I'm sure glad, because I knew I was going to school soon, and I wouldn't have liked to miss her. She was wild. All the time she knew I was fucking Jen she was so horny she got a dildo from somewhere and she was ready for me."
I could have BS"ed for hours, but Dave was loosening up now and humping back into Cissie, throwing her little body into the air to catch it again on his pole. I relaxed a bit. If either kid decided it was OK to talk about this affair, they couldn't now. Its one thing to say you fucked the guy next door, but not if the same story has you fucking your sibling.

"Fuck her hard, Dave, "Kate was coaxing, "Turn her over and fuck her like you fucked me. Fill her little pussy with cum. Wrap your legs around him, Cissie, so he doesn't come out. Now Dave, hammer the little vixen the way she wants you to."
Dave didn't need a lot of coaching by this time. It got too intense about the time Cissie managed to find his lips and fill his mouth with tongue, and the kids came together in the nicest way.

We had to chase the kids out soon after. Dave's car was home, so the folks might start wondering where the offspring were, this close to the dinner hour. But we know they'll be back. Can't wait to include either or both in one of our orgies. I know a few guys who will really go for Cissie. Any red-blooded girl would like Dave. Did we do them any harm? Cissie learned what a was, and so did Dave, and that knowledge will be passed on to how many lovers. Sounds like the world is a happier place. How many people can say for sure they made the world a happier place?