My carving for a man

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My carving for a man

This about me my name is Jason and I decided I wants to find a good man to love me. I have black colored lengthy hair and medium girl like breasts with a nice figure as I was tall. I works around a lot of men but did not found one loving me and I was stuck up. I had no man in five weeks and this cause me sexualaches allover my body as i was gay i loveed men often and i was too femine too which men like .

I would go out and flirt with men in the bar even go home with a good-looking one who liked gaysexual acts with me to take care of them sexually inneed.

One night an old friend called her me and said he need me for just having fun. In fact he is not sure if he wants a man or a woman he likes both. But he laughed and said we are going out and having fun. I agreed over the phone. I went to his house as his request he called me to come up stairs. I walked in to the room as he giggled. he said to dress as a girl he had brough a outfit for me so i did dressed up as his wish .

I looked sexy in short mini skirt on and a shirt he lifted his hands and felt my cheest like it was /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts. I don't have anything to wear inside i said him he laughed loud .

he was able to look through my clothes and said it was perfect. 

The man touched me I was /scared/">scared of his sexual desires. He is kinda weird so I want to be with him all alone. We sat and had some drinks. He was very good looking and has muscles in his whole body he full hd xvideo download was tall and liked both /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women . So he could get both of them to please him as he also pleased them back.He pushes me on to a table . 

Then he came up to the table. He has his hand on my ass pulling me close as he began to feel my /asshole/">asshole.He said can I play with those nipples? He reached up and began to twist them through the shirt. 

I wanted his attention with his both hands and twisted my nipples. I felt his cock grow under his pant's. He was naked so was i now as he amde me naked totall he came behind me and pushed his cock in my hole i was hard now my cock was scumming already due to exitment .Then I began to bounce up and down on his rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. We both were moaning in pleasure. He tried pinch my nipples. I began grind my ass into his cock. I was bouncing very hard on his stiff pole. I could feel him start to tense up. I increased my speed and gridded even harder. I wanted us to come together. Just then, he bucked his hips and shot a huge load of cum into /hot/ass-hot/my-hot-ass/">my hot ass. That set me off. I moaned very very loudly as I too scumed onhis chest.

I began to slowly roll off of him. We cleaned up, laid in each others arms, and fell asleep. When I woke up, he was still sleeping, but had a raging hard on. 

I carefully climbed on top of him and gently lowered my asshole on to hard dick. He accepted all of it with no problem and I started to enjoyed the sensation of cock sliding in and out of me but I wanted more and very soon we were fucking each other hard and fast. Looking up I could see my breasts bouncing up and down uncontrollability and I could feel his cock slapping of me in side. I found the right spot because he started fucking me even . he was moaning uncontrollability now and I was sure he was going to cum but all of a sudden he forced stoped, I knew I started grinding my ass against his cock I slowly moved my hips forwards and backwards feeling all 9 inches moving.

Very soon I could feel the slap of her balls hitting my ass and getting faster and faster with each movement. We were covered with sweat caused by the exertion but I didn't care, he slid between my opened legs and started humping me more until I was free porn movies download finished.

Now I found fantasies regardless. Taking his cock in my mouth I sucked her until there was not one drop left.