Night on the town

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Night on the town

My husband, as he often does had to goes away on business and this week won’t be any different. As usual I sit alone and play the waiting game and I am getting very bored. I got a call from my /friend/best-friend/">best friend and she wanted me to go out with her for a night to celebrate her birthday but I didn’t know what to tell her so I just told her the truth. I said I didn’t drink and just felt that I wouldn’t be fun to be with but she wouldn’t take no for an answer so I jumped in the bath and got ready. She picked me up at seven sharp and off we went. I asked her where we were going and she turned to me and smiled and just told me that I would see in a little bit so I sat there and stared out the window of her car.

She turned into a place that I wouldn’t have ever gone to in a million years, a strip club. I told her that I would wait in the Car but once again she asked why and I said I wasn’t dressed for this kind of place. She took out some of her lipstick and put it on me and did the same with her eye liner. She also unbuttoned the top four buttons reached into my blouse and undid my bra and pulled it off and said ’now you’re ready’. I was as /scared/">scared as could be but when she got out so did I and we went into the club. She turned to me and asked if it was that /bad/">bad and I shook my head no but I was still shaking. The place was full of men and they’re eyes were all on the two of us. We took a table and my /girlfriend/">girlfriend Terry ordered us long island iced teas. I sipped mine and after a while I started feeling at ease and began to enjoy the girls on the stage and the way the men made a fuse over them. Some men even got down right nasty with the girls and to tell you the truth I kind of liked it. By the third Iced tea I was feeling great and Terry was turned around talking to this guy but I didn’t mine I was having fun. Terry turned around and asked if I would mind getting a cab later that she wanted to go somewhere with her /friend/new-friend/">new friend and I didn’t quite grasp what she said and told her to go.

Another tea was sent toy table and I looked around for Terry but figured she was in the little girl’s room. 

I was shaking to the music when a gentleman came over to me and asked if he could sit down and I said I was waiting for Terry and he told me that Terry was in the back room waiting for me and that he would take me to her so I stood up and immediately fell back down in my seat so he helped me up and brought me to the back room. He knocked and we walked inside. He told me to sit for a minute while Terry got ready so I sipped my drink and waited. He came back over to me and asked if I liked the way the girls danced and I said I did. He then proceeded to tell me how they were trained to do that and normal good girls couldn’t do what they did. I begged his pardon and got up and shook my hips and did a few pumps and grinds as if I showed him a thing or two then sat back down. He laughed and told me that it was different to do it in front of a crown and I just waved my hand at him and told him I wouldn’t be scared to do it especially for the money they get. All of the sudden I asked him who he was anyway and he said he was an old friend and that made me feel relaxed even though I didn’t realize I had never met him in my life. He told me he knew I was married and didn’t like to have fun and cheat, that I was just a /good/good-girl/">good girl that wanted a little fun in her life but was to afraid to let loose once in A while. I told him I had my share of fun but he acted as if he didn’t believe me so I stood up and started to dance for him again as he just kept talking.

He asked if I would prove to him that I wasn’t shy and I didn’t want to seem like a goody two shoes so I shook my head yes and kept dancing for him. He picked up the phone and said a few words and that’s when the door flew open and about four guys walked into the room and sat on the couch so I started to sit but the man told me to keep dancing for the guys and let them see what a fun girl I was so I did. I danced around the room for them and as I passed them they started getting feely like I was one of the girls on the stage and I didn’t mind it a bit. I was handed another drink I hadn’t a care in the world and proudly showed it. One guy reached into my blouse and felt my 34 C’s and I let him. I even started giving the guys lap danced as I say the milf porn videos strippers give them and before I knew it I saw all of them as hard as rocks, some even rubbing themselves. The guy that I was with took me buy the hand and led me to the pool table and layed me down on it. One by one each man took there time touching, feeling, eating and fucking me until all six were finished. I got up and stumbled into a cab waiting outside and went home.
The cab driver asked if I would be ok and I said I would and got out of his cab and fell on my ass. He shut blowjob porn videos the cab off and came around and lifted me up and helped me inside my home. I fell onto the sofa and he asked for his fare and I stumbled through my pocket book and picked out a fist full of single bills and handed them to him. He smiled and shoved them into his pocket and I held out my hand to shake his and pulled him down on top of me. He started to kiss my neck and I just went for his pants and before he new what hit him he was getting a great blow job by yours truly. I was watching his face contort as I slowly took it all in. I finished him off very quickly and he was out of there.