Using Tania

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Using Tania

He was playing with my pussy as I lay on his bed. His fingers touching my clit. I was moaning softly. His other hand playing with my nipple.

?You?re so damn sexy,? he says. ?I love playing with your cunt. Say you?re my /dirty/dirty-slut/">dirty slut.?

?I?m your dirty slut,? I say.

He slid his finger inside my hole.


?You like that, slut?? He started to finger fuck me. His finger moving faster each time.

?Oohhh baby, yeah, fuck that cunt. Fuck your dirty slut.?

He gets on top of me slides his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in starting to fucking me madly. The bed was squeaking as he slides in and out of my slutty wet and horny cunt.

?Ohh yeah baby, that?s it. Screw me. Fuck me, please.? Begging.

He fucks me harder. Moaning while he slid in and out of me. ?Take that you filthy /whore/">whore. You like that don?t you? You like being screwed??

?Yes! Yes, baby! Fuck me. Harder! Ohhh please!?

While he was pounding me hard, his roommate suddenly came in.

?Hey Jason,? he said as he went on pounding me xxx sex video download free com hard.

I was moaning like /crazy/">crazy while Jason stood there watching him fucking me. It?s not the /first-time/">first time he?s seen me naked but it?s the first time he?s seen Chris fucking me.


Chris kept going on and onMy body starts to shake. I screamed loudly.

?Ohh Fuck! I?m going to cum baby!?

My juices exploding I look at Jason while Chris was still pounding me. He couldn?t believe what he was seeing. After a while, Chris gave a loud moan and came all over my tits.

?Sorry about that, man,? he said to Jason.

I lay on the bed, not moving with my pussy still exposed and catching my breath as the two of them starts to talk. I can tell that Jason was stealing glances at my naked body.

I got up and walked to the shower. I didn?t really bother closing the door and came out with a small towel wrapped around me. I was bending over Chris? cabinet to find something to wear. I grab his shirt and put it on. Theywere still talking. I fell asleep


?She?s hot,? says Jason.

?You want a piece of her?? asked Chris.

Jason couldn?t believe his ears. ?Are you serious??

Chris went over to Tania and spread her legs while she lay asleep on the bed exposing her private part to Jason.

?Go on.?

Jason reluctantly touched her pussy. It was a little wet.

Tania moaned.

?Go on,? urged Chris. ?Finger that slutty cunt of hers. She deserves to be fucked

Jason slid a finger slowly finger fuck sexxxx video ful hd her.

?Mmmmm. Ooooooh?

Tania?s cunt was throbbing and she wakes up. Jason has two fingers inside her cunt.

?What?s going on?? as she felt something in between her. ?J-jason!? she looked at her boyfriend Chris.

?Let Jason have some fun with your body, slut!?

?What? Chris!?

Chris kissed her and Jason did not stop playing with her cunt. He was in too deep to stop. She lies there with her pussy spread wide.

?Aaaaah!? she moans

?Would you like Jason to fuck you??


?Fuck her Jason.?

?Wait. No!?

Chris hold?s her arms down while Jason brings out his cock.

?Shhh baby. We both know you?re gonna love it. Besides, I think you enjoyed the show you were giving Jason earlier.?

Jason rubs his cock against her wetness and slowly slides it in. He fucks her madly. Trying to get everything he can from this opportunity. He came easily.

?Did you enjoy that?? asked Chris.

?Hell yes. She?s one hell of a slut?

Tania felt humiliated but she secretly liked being used that way.